Thought I'd write this little blog, after a fantastic weekend. Meeting up with Ingrid Chavez in London, As she gigs around promoting her new album. And other musicians, songwriters at a local radio breakfast invitation, Future Radio, for the launch of their new Breakfast show. I was reflecting on differences and similarities between most musicians, song writers, artist. The WHY we do what we do. So this is Me.....

Music to me,  writing or composing it. Or writing poetry/lyrics is what I am. It is a gift I seem to have been born with.  I played around with From a very early age and all through my life. It can feel sometimes, a little bit like a curse, but mostly it is a gift. If I had to stop, it would be like the ending of my life. Taking away my heart, my soul. My very reason for existence. my whole purpose and why I am here. There are millions of us around the world with this gift. It can be fascinating to compare to what I will call ordinary folk,who do not have that gift. Whether they have another type of gift or just live a life more ordinary. You know. learn, maybe get a trade, work, settle down. get a job, home, car, Tv, Two point five children, a cat and a dog. And just exist till they pass on. Now I'm not, in any way, putting that down. It is part and parcel of everything we all do. We are given the gift of life. And we make the best of it. Some are born with certain attributes that help boost that life, others arn't. I didn't really choose to do it, It was just always there and always has. I didn't one day, wake up, look at the world, and decide ah, I want to be a pop star. Like some seem to, putting themselves through embarrassing talent shows on reality TV so they can show they can mimic someone else's talent or not as the case maybe. In Fact. I've never really been that interested in Fame or fortune. It's far from why I do what I do. I'd say it has probably cost way more than it could ever benefit me. When I look deep into the industry that I am involved. It strikes me that being a musician can actually be a disadvantage. Because Unlike most industries that make a product, sell that product and reap the rewards, and bonus cheques. for the most part, a writer or composer will create something from inside themselves, and pay to get that developed, then All those other people will make money from it. From the record company, promotion, publishing, venues and just about anyone else who wont miss a trick to get something out of it. leaving the original creator, sometime, with less than nothing. Yet we still do. Why. Because. Just like any artist will know. It's something inside us. a thought that builds, an emotion. an idea, a dream. that gathers momentum to become something else. Like a cell developing, within our consciousness or dreams. which at a point has to be bought out. Born into the world and developed. It is sometimes a message, sometimes a feeling or a Reflection of a thought or feeling. It is many things to a musical artist, and can be quite personal and emotional. Much like a painter, or I suppose any other artist. We then have that need to bring it into the world as it's own entity. A kind of photograph of an emotional response in music and/or words. They don't always develop into their own entities. some just get way laid with the promise of coming back to them. Other's never make it from the inside to out. But they are always their, begging to be given life, and exposure. Now for my bad side. I have always been a little impatient. I am by no means a talented musician. I started learning the guitar at an early age. but then discovered the wonderful experimental equipment known as synthesizers. a box of tricks that could make and adapt sound sources. Again I'm not a fantastic keyboard player. Sometimes I regret never learning and instrument to its full extent. but then I know plenty of Musicians that a perfect with the instrument of there choice, but only ever play what other people have created. Again, that isn't a criticism. I do often wonder what I could achieve if I were a world class pianist or Guitarist.But for the most parts I am happy with what I am. Maybe one day I will go back and learn to play the piano or Guitar, or violin,Trumpet etc....Properly. My problem often is, as soon as I get on any instrument, my mind starts to think of a new line , a new string of sound. a new composition, melody, bassline etc. And before you know it I'm working on a new track, and words.....  With myself in particular. I have trouble switching it off. If I'm out walking or driving or anything really, in the back of my mind I am creating. Sometimes, Frustratingly, The best Idea's can come at the most awkward times when you have nothing to put down onto. Or record to. And I try to keep it repeating in my head till I get to a tool to work with. Often loosing the very Idea. And other times I have to give myself something else to do, just to turn it off for a little while. Always worrying about repetition etc. There are times, like most when you reach for the keyboard and nothing comes out. Nothing that would make any sense, anyway. That's very rare for me. but can happen. the bigger problem with me more often is working on a track to finish, and I'm already thinking of something else new. At present I am working on finishing the Reflections Album for Weathered Wall, Yet am already part way through starting a new album to be called Moss covered voices. A spoken word/ poetry album, that will be released under my name. 

So this is me. I'm sure there are a lot of similarities to others. Out There.I try to be supportive of all artists, especially musical artists. As whatever style or music you produce is a gift. An expression of a moment. But I have no time to follow everyone, or even listen to everything. I choose a few I try to back and encourage. Especially If I like it. There Is a whole world of music out there, even If I don't like it, doesn't mean it's not good. Even those that go through the manufactured reality T.V. route, maybe just people who suddenly discover a talent they didn't know they had, and come out with a sublime piece of music. It is all Good. And it is one of the magical positive things of Humanity. like love, kindness, care.

So Know I have rambled on enough about nothing in particular, other than about me and why I do this thing. I hope you enjoy the read.I hope it made sense. I hope you listen to some of my work. 


Dean Burnett