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Hello everyone.

Hope you can join the celebration of the new Album Release, ‘Weathered’. As you will probably spot, this has moved on from being classed as a Weathered Wall release to Dean Burnett, As I transition all future releases under my own name. To emphasise the change I called this ‘Weathered’.

Also note, for your pleasure, this release comes as download and CD. The CD obviously has more artwork too it with a lyric booklet, called Words.

You may also note a new page on the site called merchandise…

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New releases coming, new moves and branding...... 

Hello one and all. Here is the latest update. One big change ahead which has been in the plan for a long time now, and will coincide with the next album release, which by its title, should cement the change. Weathered Wall, as an umbrella name for the musical works of Dean Burnett and friends, will be morphing and merging to Dean Burnett. The next album, currently being finished in the studio at present,  will be called 'Weathered' By Dean Burnett. Currently Weathered wall sites are now showing as Weathered…

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Happy New Year....2023 

Hello to all. We are still here....

and there is more coming in 2023. Including a whole new album, as yet untitled. Most of the music is about there.

Look in the music section to see a couple of new videos for tracks from the Moss covered voices album.

Know thy Self was an off the cuff synthpop single release last year. most of the music is still going down the Ambient/spoken word path. With a few new instruments and sounds, There's plenty coming in 2023.......


Weathered Wall

New release this September 'Know Thy Self' 

This is Simone Segouin, also known by her nom de guerre Nicole Minet, is a former French Resistance fighter who served in the Francs-tireurs et partisans group. Among her first acts of resistance was stealing a bicycle from a German female military messenger, which she then used to help carry messages. She went on to take part in large-scale or otherwise perilous missions, such as capturing German troops, derailing trains, and other acts of sabotage. A resistance fighter against the Nazis at just 17 years…

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In Anticipation of our forthcoming release, and just because we are so excited about it. We decided to make a pre-release of one track from the forthcoming album 'Moss Covered Voices' .

This release is only available on this site and bandcamp.

We are near the end of the moss covered project with final mixing and design, and hope to have news about its release soon. 

So from us at weathered Wall, enjoy this pre release.


Thought I'd write this little blog, after a fantastic weekend. Meeting up with Ingrid Chavez in London, As she gigs around promoting her new album. And other musicians, songwriters at a local radio breakfast invitation, Future Radio, for the launch of their new Breakfast show. I was reflecting on differences and similarities between most musicians, song writers, artist. The WHY we do what we do. So this is Me.....

Music to me,  writing or composing it. Or writing poetry/lyrics is what I am. It is a gift I…

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Even more going on, Working on a Bowie Cover Rock & Roll Suicide, Looking forward to that, work progressing on 'Reflections' Album, and some work on 'Moss covered Voices' Album, we are also about to start work on music for a  TV documentary / film for next year, Details will follow sometime in the near future.

Coral Cross has finally released her solo album debut called 11:11 And it's fantastic, so go buy it. She's currently in studio with her band recording an EP as well as playing live. If you get the…

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