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In Anticipation of our forthcoming release, and just because we are so excited about it. We decided to make a pre-release of one track from the forthcoming album 'Moss Covered Voices' .

This release is only available on this site and bandcamp.

We are near the end of the moss covered project with final mixing and design, and hope to have news about its release soon. 

So from us at weathered Wall, enjoy this pre release.


Thought I'd write this little blog, after a fantastic weekend. Meeting up with Ingrid Chavez in London, As she gigs around promoting her new album. And other musicians, songwriters at a local radio breakfast invitation, Future Radio, for the launch of their new Breakfast show. I was reflecting on differences and similarities between most musicians, song writers, artist. The WHY we do what we do. So this is Me.....

Music to me,  writing or composing it. Or writing poetry/lyrics is what I am. It is a gift I…

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Even more going on, Working on a Bowie Cover Rock & Roll Suicide, Looking forward to that, work progressing on 'Reflections' Album, and some work on 'Moss covered Voices' Album, we are also about to start work on music for a  TV documentary / film for next year, Details will follow sometime in the near future.

Coral Cross has finally released her solo album debut called 11:11 And it's fantastic, so go buy it. She's currently in studio with her band recording an EP as well as playing live. If you get the…

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A little Update. 

Just been updating the site. Adding some more Pictures, and a few bits of info. Keeping it Current.

We are all very busy right now on the new Album, the other album in the background, and other ideas. Coral is also currently playing live with her band. go check them out if you get the chance.

Also keep an ear out on our soundcloud site as it's usually where we post new tracks while working on mixes for them. Gives you a heads up at whats coming along before they get mastered and released.


There you…

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So Here it Is. The Latest Weathered Wall Release. 'You Always Give Up' 'Slip Away (version)' and 'Dream My Dreams' . The first release to feature the talented Coral Cross and Dug Dale. Now fully Available on this website and Bandcamp. Full release on all other sites on Monday 23rd. The CD will be available soon. If you buy the digital Download you can contact Weathered Wall and get the CD FREE. We Hope you like the tracks.

You Always Give Up 

Monday 9th April Sees the Pre-release of a new single by Weathered Wall. This release features the first tracks of a working partnership with the fantastic talents of Coral Cross and Dug Dale. 

Coral is a wonderful singer/songwriter and composer and a talented guitarist, with her own debut album coming out soon. She has worked with several great bands and artists and has written some fantastic tracks that really need to be heard. I think Coral has a great career ahead of her in the music industry. There…

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Quicky for Valentine  

We've seen some really positive vibes For the forth coming release of 'You Always Give Up'  Lots of interest. Had it's first airplay on the Fantastic BBC Introducing show a few days ago. It's about to get more airplay on the wonderful 'Future Radio' so tune in, in the next few days. It'll be played in the morning session and then through out the day. (Cheers Guys and Gals. Special thanks too Sarah Tatum.)  Release date for the single is March/April. Any other radio stations wishing to play the track, get in…

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Happy New Year 2018!!!! 

So......Welcome to 2018....... And this year is already shaping up to be a major Year for Weathered Wall. One such fantastic start is being informed about a Weathered Wall track called 'Flown' Being used in a National Geographic Documentary. A programme called called Chasing Paper. 

In the last part of 2017 I gathered a Team together which seems to be working way better than I could ever imagined. First of all, getting back in touch with our old studio engineer  'John Bygrave'  Who is now recording and…

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