New releases coming, new moves and branding......

Hello one and all. Here is the latest update. One big change ahead which has been in the plan for a long time now, and will coincide with the next album release, which by its title, should cement the change. Weathered Wall, as an umbrella name for the musical works of Dean Burnett and friends, will be morphing and merging to Dean Burnett. The next album, currently being finished in the studio at present,  will be called 'Weathered' By Dean Burnett. Currently Weathered wall sites are now showing as Weathered Wall & Dean Burnett, But these will slowly change to Just Dean Burnett, Or Dean Burnett Music. All Weathered Wall albums will still be available from all theses sites despite the changes, as well as Back catalogue music from Japanese Whispers or The Tower. We hope you all carry on enjoying the music with its new brand name that is the artists name, as the story moves forward……..

Bless you, each and every one.

Dean Burnett

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