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Even more going on, Working on a Bowie Cover Rock & Roll Suicide, Looking forward to that, work progressing on 'Reflections' Album, and some work on 'Moss covered Voices' Album, we are also about to start work on music for a  TV documentary / film for next year, Details will follow sometime in the near future.

Coral Cross has finally released her solo album debut called 11:11 And it's fantastic, so go buy it. She's currently in studio with her band recording an EP as well as playing live. If you get the…

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A little Update. 

Just been updating the site. Adding some more Pictures, and a few bits of info. Keeping it Current.

We are all very busy right now on the new Album, the other album in the background, and other ideas. Coral is also currently playing live with her band. go check them out if you get the chance.

Also keep an ear out on our soundcloud site as it's usually where we post new tracks while working on mixes for them. Gives you a heads up at whats coming along before they get mastered and released.


There you…

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So Here it Is. The Latest Weathered Wall Release. 'You Always Give Up' 'Slip Away (version)' and 'Dream My Dreams' . The first release to feature the talented Coral Cross and Dug Dale. Now fully Available on this website and Bandcamp. Full release on all other sites on Monday 23rd. The CD will be available soon. If you buy the digital Download you can contact Weathered Wall and get the CD FREE. We Hope you like the tracks.

You Always Give Up 

Monday 9th April Sees the Pre-release of a new single by Weathered Wall. This release features the first tracks of a working partnership with the fantastic talents of Coral Cross and Dug Dale. 

Coral is a wonderful singer/songwriter and composer and a talented guitarist, with her own debut album coming out soon. She has worked with several great bands and artists and has written some fantastic tracks that really need to be heard. I think Coral has a great career ahead of her in the music industry. There…

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Quicky for Valentine  

We've seen some really positive vibes For the forth coming release of 'You Always Give Up'  Lots of interest. Had it's first airplay on the Fantastic BBC Introducing show a few days ago. It's about to get more airplay on the wonderful 'Future Radio' so tune in, in the next few days. It'll be played in the morning session and then through out the day. (Cheers Guys and Gals. Special thanks too Sarah Tatum.)  Release date for the single is March/April. Any other radio stations wishing to play the track, get in…

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Happy New Year 2018!!!! 

So......Welcome to 2018....... And this year is already shaping up to be a major Year for Weathered Wall. One such fantastic start is being informed about a Weathered Wall track called 'Flown' Being used in a National Geographic Documentary. A programme called called Chasing Paper. 

In the last part of 2017 I gathered a Team together which seems to be working way better than I could ever imagined. First of all, getting back in touch with our old studio engineer  'John Bygrave'  Who is now recording and…

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Dream my Dreams  

If You could be closer, You could dream my Dreams........ 

The New Track Dream my Dreams By Weathered Wall, sees a more heavier Rock sound breaking through with the Fantastic Guitarist Dug Dale @dale_dug ( 

working on 'How' 'People' 'With me' as well as lots of new material. Also will be featuring the vocal talents of Coral Janette Cross so pretty excited. Check out Coral's page. 

Dream my dreams is already getting massive airplay…

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Dark Seed 

So here we are again. Another Weathered Wall Release. Dark Seed Is out now on bandcamp and This Website. Thank you for those who have already Bought this. Within a few minutes after posting. Feel Very Humble. ;) 
I hope this album doesn't sound too rushed as I have tried to get this finished so I can start the writing of the next project I have been most excited about. Moss covered voices will be a spoken word, ambient album that will feature some awe inspiring artists that I have been looking forward to…Read more

New Year 

Here's To the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Happy New Year to one and All. 
Looking forward to a great year. Weathered Wall Has a lot coming. The Album 'Dark Seed' Is just about done. should be out for release in early part of 2017. 'Close your Eyes' and 'Faithless' will be released on CD. Should be a new Video for 'Slip Away'. A new Photo shoot is planned. And Have started on the next Album project, as yet unnamed, that will have contributions from some great known artist. So here's to 2017.

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So Here we are. The next Release from Weathered Wall. Faithless. Up on this site . Pre release date 10/9/16. Full release 19/9/16.Keep an eye out for the Faithless Video which should be out on the 19th September.
With Special Thanks to Estelle Long For her acting and modelling 
And Alex JR  Thursby for filming
Plus the photographic talents of Tim Clark for the album art photo.


So a little update. Been busy working with Estelle Long on a video for the forth coming Release of the 'Faithless' Album due about middle of August. Tracks for the album are almost complete. At the same time I've been writing further material for another album called Dark Seed, which is at the half way stage as well as planning another future album mostly to be spoken word.  Plenty to come and to keep us going.  Close your eyes continues to do well, getting alot of airplay, including on BBC radio and future…Read more

Updates, Adds and News. 

So Hi to all. Been a while. 
Lets get started. 
First of all watch out for the forth coming EP Release 'Faithless'  You can get a sample on soundcloud or Reverbnation. 
picture will be the cover art. This should be released world wide in a couple of months time. 
We are also working with a film production company to do a Video for this track which will be done for the release and maybe included on the EP Release.
On the photo Front and starring in the Video will be the Talented Estelle Long, who was on the front…Read more

Close your Eyes and other News 

October is upon us.... and sees Neil Fellowes taking a Back step from Weathered Wall, to pursue some of his own work and Photography.
It Also sees the Release of our New EP 'Close your Eyes. Out first on Bandcamp and This here site with a Bonus track not listed called Dark Seed.
There are the makings or beginnings of a new Dark Wave album as well as The possibility of a Book with lyrics and poetry as well as pictures in it. 
Hope you all enjoy the EP. Official release date, world wide, is 17th October. That…Read more

Dead Walking 

They're Coming. Dead Walking Album by Weathered Wall release date 30th June.....
But the Virus is Here already........
So keep a watch on this site as it may be hear first. And it could spread to bandcamp after that, before it hits the mainstream download sights.....


Hello you wonderful people.
A quick update.
so here we are in April. We recently got featured  on the Revival Synth on line magazine and one of our tracks made their number two in the best tracks for the month
A big thanks Too Revival Synth. Well worth going to take a look at these guys.
This month see's Weathered Wall Featured on the Radio station magic828radio in  Norway. you can visit their site at
We have also been putting finishing touches to the up…Read more

Coming soon 

so whats coming.
Soon to be released.The last of The Tower, Back Cataloge, Albums 'The Essential Cushion'. Originally Released as a CD and entering the charts in the early 90's under the band name of Redshift. This digital release will be back under the band name it should have been. Anyone buying the download version will be able to contact me for the Redshift CD version.And a new Album Under my own name 'Dean Burnett' titled 'Dead Walking'. Electronic music About a virus that turns the population into…Read more


Christmas will soon be on us, so here's a little present from us..... and a little shameless promo.
Sign up to the Weathered Wall website and we'll send you the downloads to one of our Albums or Three of our ep's/singles for Free.
Your choice. Just let us know which you would prefer and where to send. 
We'll keep this offer open Until New Years Day.......

Weathered Wall

New Release 'Needles EP' 

So here we go. The new Release from Weathered Wall. Now up on the website, Bandcamp, CD Baby, and about to go out to itunes, amazon and all other sites.
We hope you like it. It's something a little different. Thanks to Ross Ackerman for guest Guitars on Needles 
Feel free to give us some feedback....


so the good news....just signed a new contract with a second publishing company called Lemoncake. Sounds to be a promising deal and one track already with them. Also the Needles EP is not too far away from completion and already have a number of tracks for the next Weathered Wall Album. Plus the Josephine Album is going well and there will be a cd version in the next couple of months.(Anyone who bought the download can visit the website and ask for a free cd copy. There is also the final tower Back catalog…Read more

Updating and refreshing 

Well now, Josephine is well and truly released....Ep is nearly finished for the next release, and work has started on new tracks. All good stuff.
So I thought I would also update and add a few bits to the website. 
For starters, Other Music..... I am adding some past and present music that doesn't come under the Weathered Wall umbrella. Some of the tracks/albums are from past bands or projects and some will be other projects we are involved in. Although you can listen to these tracks you will have to go to…Read more

New Album 

So Here it is, The latest Album 'Josephine' Complete with Album artwork and cover notes etc.
Now available on the Weathered Wall website, Bandcamp, itunes,CD Baby, Amazon and all other download sites around the world.
Get it from the Weathered Wall website or bandcamp and get the album artwork too. And if you buy the album but want it in a different format, contact us and we'll send it for free as FLAC, MP3 etc.

Breath (To Dare mix) 

Hi All. look and see..... New single out in the digital retail stores and on our wonderful site.
Listen and buy Breath ( To Dare Mix). 

Also the Album 'Josephine' is in it's final stages after a weekend solid of mixing, its almost ready for the outside world.

Keep following and keep up to date and keep enjoying