Updating and refreshing

Well now, Josephine is well and truly released....Ep is nearly finished for the next release, and work has started on new tracks. All good stuff.
So I thought I would also update and add a few bits to the website. …

New Album

So Here it is, The latest Album 'Josephine' Complete with Album artwork and cover notes etc.
Now available on the Weathered Wall website, Bandcamp, itunes,CD Baby, Amazon and all other download sites around the world.
Get it from the Weathered…

Breath (To Dare mix)

Hi All. look and see..... New single out in the digital retail stores and on our wonderful site.
Listen and buy Breath ( To Dare Mix). 

Also the Album 'Josephine' is in it's final stages after a weekend solid of…

Update to site

Just a quickie, 
We've updated our site, with added bio for Neil, new Pictures, and a slightly new look. 
Have a look around, leave comments if you like and buy the music at a cheaper price than you will find…

New Pictures

Hi All,
well at last we have some new Pictures. Great Photo shoot with former Weathered Wall member Simon Watson. 
Have posed a couple up with lots more to come.
Josephine album almost finished, with vocals half done. There are…


a quick Update:
Again in studio working on the tracks for 'Josephine' All is sounding pretty cool. Most of the mixing done Vocal arranging started. The tracks with vocals will mostly be spoken word, but there are a couple that…

New track and Video

Just posted to the site, a little track called Liquidity, Music put to images of the Anonymous movement.
Hope you all like it...

Publishing Deal

Just a quick Update.....
We are pleased to announce the signing of a publishing Deal.
Hopefully this will mean a little less admin work for us and great things for the future.
Lets see where this takes us.....

Weathered Wall

Prices and rewards

As a little thank you for all that visit this site, I have decided to lower all prices of our music. This will be applied to this site only. All other sites will charge the normal rates so If your…

Moving on

Well it's been a while since I Updated this site so forgive me. Have been extremely Busy as usual. 
So updates: we are still busy at the mixing stage with our next album 'Josephine' with another new track called Needles…

ongoing and going on

Just a quick little update
Neil and Dean continue there formenting with further jamming sessions and work on new and writtern tracks. A new picture of the both of them in Neil's GTK studio can be found on this…

11 radio interview

 The cool guys at 11radio have been playing tracks from our Weathered Wall album 'Black Blood' and as a follow up asked for an interview.
so here is a link for all those that want to grab a listen:…