Updating and refreshing

Well now, Josephine is well and truly released....Ep is nearly finished for the next release, and work has started on new tracks. All good stuff.
So I thought I would also update and add a few bits to the website. 
For starters, Other Music..... I am adding some past and present music that doesn't come under the Weathered Wall umbrella. Some of the tracks/albums are from past bands or projects and some will be other projects we are involved in. Although you can listen to these tracks you will have to go to the relevant sites if you are interested in buying them. Hope you enjoy hearing some of the other stuff past and present we have done.
Then there's the 'Friends worth a visit' page: this is a quick mention and pointer to other artists that we Have come into contact with over the past few years. Friends that have been more than helpful, in many ways that deserve a mention, and deserve a visit.

Hope you like the extra pages, we will add more as we can

Weathered Wall

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