Dark Seed

So here we are again. Another Weathered Wall Release. Dark Seed Is out now on bandcamp and This Website. Thank you for those who have already Bought this. Within a few minutes after posting. Feel Very Humble. ;) 
I hope this album doesn't sound too rushed as I have tried to get this finished so I can start the writing of the next project I have been most excited about. Moss covered voices will be a spoken word, ambient album that will feature some awe inspiring artists that I have been looking forward to working with. It's also nerve racking, as for these artist to contribute, the tracks have to be inspiring and well produced. Or they won't put their names to it. 
In the meantime, and as I go along with this project, there should be another video release for a track from the Faithless Album called Slip Away as well as planned CD releases of Close your Eyes and Faithless. With a possible single release of a couple of tracks still yet to be finished.
So there is your update for now. Lots of stuff coming and happening, with more updates as they happen.
Many thanks for taking the time to explore my music


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