Happy New Year 2018!!!!

So......Welcome to 2018....... And this year is already shaping up to be a major Year for Weathered Wall. One such fantastic start is being informed about a Weathered Wall track called 'Flown' Being used in a National Geographic Documentary. A programme called called Chasing Paper. 

In the last part of 2017 I gathered a Team together which seems to be working way better than I could ever imagined. First of all, getting back in touch with our old studio engineer  'John Bygrave'  Who is now recording and mixing some parts of our new tracks.

'Mark Dugdale' or Dug Dale has been a revelation to me. He is a rock/Blues, Multi-talented Guitarist and writer/Composer, who is on the exact same wavelength as Myself, and a wizard at mixing.

Coral Cross also is a great guitarist/writer/composer and a fantastic Singer who has become lead singer for a number of Weathered Wall tracks now being recorded/mixed and written. (of course there will still be some of my vocals too, for those that like my voice ;) )

And.....Not to forget the ever present Simon Watson with his fantastic photography and planning/design skills. 

We are now recording and mixing several tracks. Some of which you'll all get to hear soon. More time than usual is being spent on them to make them absolutely perfect  due to other important contacts/contracts and stuff that's happening in the background. (All will be revealed hopefully soon.)

The first of several meetings is about to start regarding Music Videos. 3 are planned with three more on the drawing board. looking forward to those.

An EP is due to be released  about march/April time with the Album 'Reflections' to follow later. 

Think that's enough said for now, But hope you all stay tuned as things develop. I know I'm pretty excited. Hope you all get that in the work we do. 



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