Moving on

Well it's been a while since I Updated this site so forgive me. Have been extremely Busy as usual. 
So updates: we are still busy at the mixing stage with our next album 'Josephine' with another new track called Needles to add. Things are going well and Neil is having a very big imput into all compositions, which is all I had hoped for when Neil came on board.
We are recieving lots of airplay around the world, the latest being on BBC radio in the UK and Happy radio in Germany.
We are also looking to sign a contract with a Publishing company which will help take some of the admin work away, to leave us with the work of composing and mixing and all that other music stuff.   ;)
 I have also just recently released some more back Cat. tracks from my time in the band 'The Tower'. The Album 'A New Beginning' is now available on Itunes, Amazon and all other download stores. If you like synthpop, give it a try.
Most of the new tracks can be sampled pre mix on soundcloud, so if you want to hear some of the material for the forth coming Album 'Josephine' give it a visit.

I would like to Thank all those that visit our site, Keep visiting as we progress with new ideas new sounds and new ways to express ourselfs.

Many Thanks

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