New & Improved website...

...well, we hope it is.  Give us your feedback - all comments welcome.  Honest.  We figured that since we've got a new collaboration for Weathered Wall (see the blog about Neil Fellowes joining WW) it was time to re-vamp the website too.  We've done a Winter Clean instead of a Spring Clean, so the old blog posts have gone (and it has nothing to do with Dean being ashamed of his really bad spelling.  And we mean...really bad.  But that wasn't the reason.  Honest). 

New pictures will be coming soon - Neil's partner is a photographer too, and she does some seriously interesting things with Barbie Dolls.  So the new Weathered Wall photos could be...interesting, let's say.  We'll keep you posted on what we come up with and we're not scared at all.

New music has been uploaded onto YouTube and we're working on getting videos for the stuff that hasn't been given a video treatment yet. 
Shout out - if you've heard one of our tracks and think you could put it to video, let us know, send it to us, and we'll give you credits and acknowledgement on the track.
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