a quick Update:
Again in studio working on the tracks for 'Josephine' All is sounding pretty cool. Most of the mixing done Vocal arranging started. The tracks with vocals will mostly be spoken word, but there are a couple that will be sung. This Album is very personal to me and has taken longer to finish, mostly because I wanted to Get Neil Fellowes input into these tracks. Which he has done and added a great deal of depth. So stay tuned for the release. We hope you're gonna like it...... 
We've also been engaged in writing tracks for Other Photographic Artists and artistic people which has been really fun and cool to do. Two videos are done and up on site with another two in the pipeline. We basically write a piece of music to fit images supplied. it's nice to write to images that instantly give of a feeling, which we hope is then portrayed in the soundtrack. Anyone interested in something similar please contact us.As for further and future work. Neil and myself are working on and planning the next album, and some live stuff too, in the form of Weathered Wall gigs and a few intermit social jams...... So Stay Tuned and Keep following

Weathered Wall

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